Professional Coronavirus Cleaning

Are you looking for a specialist Coronavirus cleaning company based in Surrey? If you want to prevent the spread of Coronavirus or one of your employees has recently had a positive test result, get in touch with GES Clean.

We’ll help you create a hygienic, clean workplace environment.

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Why Choose Us for Coronavirus Cleaning in Surrey?

  • Strict policies – We’ve implemented strict Covid-19 guidelines for our highly trained staff, including through risk assessments, hand washing and PPE.

  • Regular deep cleaning – We already do cleaning work for Surrey adult social services and Epsom Hospital, so our team are experienced in deep clean practices.

  • Quick turnarounds – We help reduce business interruptions by offering fast turnaround cleans to ensure you stay open.

  • Virucidal cleaners – We’ve introduced a virucidal cleaner, sanitising surfaces and leaving a protective barrier that kills germs and viruses.

  • Prevent the spread – Reassure your staff, visitors and the public that you are doing everything possible to protect their safety while at your premises.

Preventative Deep Cleans

We offer Coronavirus decontamination cleaning and fogging for businesses across the local area. This type of cleaning should be completed regularly to keep your staff, clients and visitors safe. During the deep clean, we eliminate viruses and bacteria lurking on surfaces, helping to reduce the chances of infections spreading in your workplace.

Our deep cleaning techniques will disinfect and sterilise each surface, and a full decontamination will always be required if one of your staff has tested positive. Deep cleaning is more detailed than regular cleaning methods, using products approved to eliminate Coronavirus. We decontaminate all touchpoints, equipment and surfaces.

This allows you to create a bespoke cleaning plan if you’d like further services.

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